And Water Becomes Wine . . .

How often do we dismiss ourselves, shrink our gifts, minimize our contributions, repress our preferences? Too often. And in doing so, we deny ourselves, we deny “the other”, we deny the world, we deny God/Life.  You know the drill . . . “oh, this old thing?” . . . and it’s not just a dress we’re talking about here.  In fact, we are talking about much more than a dress at this point in time . . . love the adorable dress AND the woman who’s wearing it! This goes for men, too, dresses or not.

Yes, let’s talk about our “spiritual dress,” uniquely designed for each of us by God/Life Itself. Nobody can wear It like we do, so wear It like nobody’s watching, even and (sometimes) especially when they are!  Not for the sake of pleasing them or to gain their approval but for YOUR sake, for Life’s sake, for God’s sake already:-)!!!

In this way, we attend the Dance of Life, and we shine like stars. Yes, we become the Light that we are, and we share our Light with and for the All.

Claiming our Divinity is the Highest form of Humility.  Our staying small so as not to offend, or to keep ourselves from being rejected, or out of fear that we will not be supported as we step into the Flow or whatever . . . does not serve.

It is time. Yes. It is time.  Time to claim our Divinity, to know our inherent worth, to honor our birthright, which is to allow God to express Itself through us . . . one breath, one word, one step at a time.

This does not mean our insecurities won’t surface. It fact, quite the contrary.  When we declare our intention of stepping into wholeness, anything and everything that would attempt to prevent us from doing so will show itself full force. Why? As an opportunity for us to heal once and for All. Kind of like Satan visiting Jesus in the desert. This is OUR chance to say “Satan, get thee behind me. SATAN! BE GONE!!!”

This applies in the small things of life and in our lives as a whole.

When someone says, “please, take this money as a gift,” simply say, “thank you” . . . and when someone says, “yes, please read your poem to me,” READ IT!  Don’t say, “oh no, you must be too busy . . . we can do this another time . . . it’s nothing.”  Nothing could be more of a turn-off.  Literally, you are turning off the energy of Life!

And when God says, “Live your Life ‘for me,'” DO IT!  Because this is what keeps God Alive.  This how God lives through us.  This is how giving is receiving and receiving is giving.

Yes, and water becomes wine . . .
and one fish becomes many . . .
and one loaf feeds All.

The Container 

Life is not meant to be contained,

bottled up so tightly

that no air can get in or out,

tidied up all nice and neat

so that creativity and spontaneity

            go out the window.         

Life, rather,

wants to breathe

and be breathed.


Open the windows,

and feel the gentle breeze!


Don’t hide behind locked doors—

the dead-bolted kind,

that keep the monsters in, not out.


Now there’s a newsflash!


The monsters you’re trying

so hard to keep out

aren’t out there at all

but inside of you.


And they aren’t even real!


Yet, they are the true culprits—

the staleness, the stagnation,

the paralysis, the lifeless thoughts . . .

that keep you curled up under your blanket

in fear of what you might see

 if you sneak a curious peak.


Who breathes you anyway?


If you knew,

the fearful thoughts would dissolve in seconds.


C’mon, what’s the worst that can happen?


An arrow pierced through your heart

isn’t such a bad thing;

the boundless, endless Love that you are

pours forth with your very blood.


So stop protecting your heart;

stop shielding it;

stop denying it to the World.


Unlock the doors. 

Open the windows.


Proclaim your Self! 


Don’t contain your Self.


Open your self-made container,

and set your Self free!


For Heaven’s sake—

yes, truly, for Heaven’s sake.


For, in doing so,

you will have created

one more tiny slice of Heaven

 right here on Earth,

and Heaven cannot be contained,

nor was it meant to be.


It is time!  Take off the lid!


There is no better Gift you can give

than the Gift of your Self.


Let Freedom Ring!




Amy Adams is a poet/writer who wishes to serve Humanity and the Cosmos by authentically expressing what it has come to mean to her to be Divinely Human.  Her initial inspiration came from what she calls a “tried and true ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience.”  Insights, poems and writings continue to pour through her to this day, and she will write as long as writing is what’s in front of her.  In addition to writing, she enjoys dancing, singing, walking, reading, nature, conversations, playing . . .

Joy has become her guide, and it is her intention to allow Joy to Be contagious, sharing It with everyone she meets through her unique gifts and, ultimately, her Life lived.

“Humaira” is a name that was gifted to her at the time the writings began.  Amy has come to know Humaira as a very clear and wise aspect of her Being, one who is not censored, but who lives naturally, simply and from a place of Aliveness.  When Amy aligns with the “Humaira energy,” a co-creative synergy seems to occur, and it is magical, beyond even the words.


Amy Adams/Humaira


Look for Amy’s first book, coming in August 2012:

“Book of Love:  Poems to Light Your Way Home”

Amy is a regular contributor to the online magazine


Follow Amy/Humaira @:




Blog (The Dancing Pen)


Amy is available for poetry readings, phone sessions and playshops/workshops ,

all related to Coming Home to Who We Are and Shining our Light to the world and beyond!






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