Are We Dying or Being Born?

Is it just me?  I know the answer to that question . . . absolutely not!!!  But I still wish to express that . . . sometimes, I don’t know if I’m coming or going anymore.

Death and Birth REALLY ARE two sides of the same coin.  Right now, at this moment in time, we are literally between two worlds.  We are in the birth canal or on our death bed.  Either way, dying to one world and being born into another.  This is happening symbolically and literally, and I’m not sure how much, if any, difference there is between the two anymore.  Yes,  individually and collectively, like it or not, it is happening.

In some ways, it seems as if we are simply along for the ride.  In others, it’s as if we are co-creators in the process.  I have experienced both to be true, even though these two ways of looking at it seem to contradict one another.

Oh, the Divine Paradox!!!

Yes, there is a Realm where all of this “makes sense.”  From a broader perspective, there is no confusion or seeming contradiction, I suppose.

Still, in our daily lives, some of this can prove to be a challenge, to say the least.

It is both exciting and scary at the same time . . . like a rollercoaster ride!!!  Thank goodness, I do love rollercoasters!  It’s those rides that spin around and around in circles that make me sick!  Ha!  Well, there you go . . . what a metaphor for Life.

We are finished going around and around in circles, through with half-hearted surrender.  Yes, DONE with insanity.

I’ve read that there’s a fine line between a mystic and a madman.  Add a madwoman OR, better yet, madwomEn, and look out world!

We are in for It!

In a good way, of course.

And again, It’s All Good/God from where SHE resides.

So, what to do but go with It, accept It, Love It . . . Co-Create with It even???

True, there are those days when all I want to do is crawl back under the covers and stay there.  Yes, before I get nice and cozy in that bed, I am certain I’ll let everyone else on the front lines know, “Wake me when it’s over!”

Other days, I wouldn’t miss It for the world!  Literally, “for the world.”

Because I know that my staying small, my hiding under the covers, my cowering in fear . . . does not serve me or anyone else.  It happens, though, more often than I would like to admit.  I get that it’s really only “hurting” me when I resist and put up a fight . . . still, it happens.

I Am learning to embrace my Divinity and my Humanity . . . coming to Love what it means to be Divinely Human and Humanly Divine.  And I’m in good company.  “Even” Jesus questioned whether or not it was all too much.  And I shall do as much as Him and more (he said it, not me:-)).  I know what he meant now, though, because I can “feel” what he meant in the depths of my Being.  And I humbly Claim It for my sake and for the sake of The All).

I Didn’t Want to Die

I didn’t want to die, but it happened.

I may as well enjoy it.

En-Joy . . . that is

place the Joy back into Death where it belongs.

So-called Death, be it of the body or of the false self

is cause for celebration and nothing less.

For it is in dying that we are Reborn.

Death, in that sense, is Life-Giving, not Life-Taking.

Now that I am in Heaven, Hell seems like a far-off place,

a figment of my imagination.

When we remove the veils, we see clearly

that the Truth of Who We Are cannot die.

When we remove the veils, The Truth of Who We Are shines for everyone to see.

We die so that All may be born to Eternal Life.

I didn’t want to die, but it happened,

and I’m glad it did.

For, now I am Free . . .

free from hurt of any kind,

free to Be,

free to Serve,

free to Love.

And in this Freedom lies the Freedom of All

who Dare to Die.

I Didn’t Want to Die, but it happened,

Aad now, finally,

I live . . .



Amy Adams is a poet/writer who wishes to serve Humanity and the Cosmos by authentically expressing what it has come to mean to her to be Divinely Human.  Her initial inspiration came from what she calls a “tried and true ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience.”   Insights, poems and writings continue to pour through her to this day, and she will write as long as writing is what’s in front of her.  In addition to writing, she enjoys dancing, singing, walking, reading, nature, conversations, playing . . .

Joy has become her guide, and it is her intention to allow Joy to Be contagious, sharing It with everyone she meets through her unique gifts and, ultimately, her Life lived.

“Humaira” is a name that was gifted to her at the time the writings began.  Amy has come to know Humaira as a very clear and wise aspect of her Being, one who is not censored, but who lives naturally, simply and from a place of Aliveness.  When Amy aligns with the “Humaira energy,” a co-creative synergy seems to occur, and it is magical, beyond even the words.


Amy Adams/Humaira


Look for Amy’s first book, coming in August 2012:

“Book of Love:  Poems to Light Your Way Home”


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***Amy  is available for poetry readings, phone sessions and playshops/workshops,

all related to Coming Home to Who We Are and Shining our Light to the world and beyond!



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