What of Life and Death?

When death appears to be all around us, True Life can be found.

This applies to so-called literal death and to the “little deaths” (aka “changes”) that we experience in Life . . . in fact, which are the stuff of Life.  It is true that the only thing we can be certain of is Change.  And, as Neale Donald Walsch says, “All Change is Change for the Better.”  This statement is absolutely true.  Even if it weren’t, we may as well choose to see it that way, because Change is occurs whether we want it to or not.  When we resist It or fight It, we suffer.  When we accept It and even embrace It, we experience release.

Yes, we release ourselves from the inner torment of fighting what Life has chosen for us and for everyone.  We align ourselves with Soul Choices, some of which our smaller selves would never consciously choose.  We accept Life on Life’s terms, and we Trust that Someone has a broader view and knows a better way.

When we are forced to surrender, to fully accept that the situation at hand is out of OUR hands, Life has the opportunity to enter.  And, paradoxically, it seems, we know just Who to Be and What to Do.

My father has recently experienced several strokes and subsequent complications due to surgery.  His precious Life, it seems, is hanging by a thread.  While I have experienced the full range of emotions moving through me during this time, there is a Strength present that is not of me, but beyond me, yet within me nonetheless.  One might suggest I am in denial, numb or experiencing the protective after-effects of shock and trauma.  While some or all of this may be true, I will not deny the fact that there is a Calm within that seems to be holding me and guiding me every step of the way.  I Am Grateful beyond words for this.

My heart is saying to my dad’s heart, my Soul to my dad’s Soul~I want for you what you want for you.  I Love you with Big Love, and whatever is the next Highest Expression of Life for you, So Be It.

It is freeing to release the reigns, as I am not ultimately in control anyway.  How could I possibly know what is best for him or for anyone involved, including myself?

And so, I surrender this matter of Life and “death” to the One Who Does Know.  And in this surrender, I Know that It’s All Life, the Eternal Life that we speak to often, but that we do not necessarily apply to our Lives.

I Bless my dad, my  mom, my siblings, friends and relatives . . . I Bless the doctors and nurses . . . I Bless All of It, All of Us, as we move through this Change.  I intend and envision a beautiful outcome for all, though I do not pretend to know what that looks like. And then, I release It.  I Let it Go.

It is All Life.  It Is All Love.  It is All God.  It is All Good.

To Know this, to Experience this, in the midst of turmoil, is to be Found . . . yes, it is to Know True Life.

And to Know this Peace is to want it for Everyone . . . to extend the invitation to anyone who wishes to Know It for themselves.


As If I Could Know


Do I dare believe

that I could possibly know

what’s best for you?


The second I take your matters

into my hands,

I give away my power

and I take away yours

(as if I could).


I Am here.

I Love You . . .

and that is It.


That is All.


I Love You so much

that I free you

to come and go as you wish,

in small ways

and in “not so small” ways.


And I free myself, too.


Let us not hold ourselves prisoner

to someone else’s idea

of how our lives should look.


Do I know what’s best for you?


I do not.



pretending I do,

is too stressful,

too much pressure.


If I Am inspired to guide you,

I shall;

if I Am called to share

my experiences with you,

I will.


But your matter of Life and death is not mine.


I free you to Live and die as you so choose . . .

and I Love You

with Big Love.


Let’s walk together,

side by side,

for Life . . .


that is,

for as long as Life compels us to do so,

for as long as there is still Life in our walk.



only Death shall part us,

and I am no match for Her—

at least not of myself alone.



I will not fight Her when she arrives;

I will not argue with Life or Death—



or anyone else’s.


Doing so causes suffering,

and I choose Freedom.


Life is Love;

death is Love.




is all




As if I could know better than

She does . . .


I will not even begin to try.


Amy Adams is a poet/writer who wishes to serve Humanity and the Cosmos by authentically expressing what it has come to mean to her to be Divinely Human.  Her initial inspiration came from what she calls a “tried and true ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience.”  Insights, poems and writings continue to pour through her to this day, and she will write as long as writing is what’s in front of her.  In addition to writing, she enjoys dancing, singing, walking, reading, nature, conversations, playing . . .

Joy has become her guide, and it is her intention to allow Joy to Be contagious, sharing It with everyone she meets through her unique gifts and, ultimately, her Life lived.

“Humaira” is a name that was gifted to her at the time the writings began.  Amy has come to know Humaira as a very clear and wise aspect of her Being, one who is not censored, but who lives naturally, simply and from a place of Aliveness.  When Amy aligns with the “Humaira energy,” a co-creative synergy seems to occur, and it is magical, beyond even the words.


Amy Adams/Humaira



Look for Amy’s first book, coming in August 2012:

“Book of Love:  Poems to Light Your Way Home”


Follow Amy/Humaira @:




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Amy is a regular contributor to the online magazine




Amy is available for poetry readings, phone sessions and playshops/workshops , all related to Coming Home to Who We Are and Shining our Light to the world and beyond!



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