An Easter Invitation

An Easter Invitation

Rise Up, Dear Friend

Just as a man called Jesus did

so many years ago

That’s what this is about

YOUR Resurrection

Not somebody else’s

Jesus never intended

to become our biggest excuse


he invited us to accept Christ

into our hearts

Just as he did


was not his last name

It belongs after your first name

as much as it does his

Mind you,

this invitation is not reserved

for Christians alone

Nor do you have to be one

or even know Jesus

In order to accept it

It is a psychology

A dynamic

That lies at the heart

of being human

You were born to Rise

Just like this man we focus on today

Why not take your eyes off of him

And look at yourself?

He did not want to be a distraction

But we twisted his very message

So as to keep ourselves

from Living It

Now is the time

Allow what wants to die in you to do so

So that what wants to

Live in you,

Rise in you,

Through you

Can do just that

We are all living

our own Crucifixions and Resurrections

Crucify him?


Crucify yourself.

Or at least who you think you are

So that Who You Really Are

May Rise to Eternal Life

Have you not bore the cross

long enough already?

The pain and suffering come

from holding onto the façade

The agony comes

from selling your Soul

So that you will not be ridiculed,


crowned with thorns

What prompts me to share this with you?

Well, Life prompts me

It compels me

Because I lived my own version

of the Stations of the Cross,

the Crucifixion

and the Resurrection

And during that time,

I embodied Christ so fully

That it was as if

I and this man, Jesus,

became One

And suddenly,

In one brief instant

I understood

what all of this is about

As the Witness,

I laughed in the face of death

Yes, in my darkest hour,

when I became

the crumb beneath another’s shoe,

I saw clearly

that the only thing left to do was


And we giggled

Me and death

death and I

About how seriously we take

this playful game

About how we believe

our own nightmares

And about how we try so hard

 to convince others that they are real

At my lowest of lows,

when I was nailed to the Cross

Every ounce of me declared,

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

And in my heart of hearts

I knew what that ultimately meant

There is nothing to forgive

It is All perfectly perfect

All of the time

From a certain perspective,

Events and circumstances in our lives

Look like the worst that could happen

From a higher, broader perspective

We know that


What is occurring is for the best

A Blessing beyond words

Beyond understanding

Does this sound insane?

I suggest that it’s as sane as it gets.

Regardless, I, for one

Would rather be locked up and speak my Truth

Than free to live a lie

I prefer Crucifixion

over enforced silence

Sounds like someone else I’ve heard a lot about

Him and countless others

And I shall hang out

with the likes of them


Because I like it here


Because it’s where I Am


Because Life chooses this for me

And so, I can either choose It

Or suffer

Been there, done that

And now, I choose otherwise.

Only you know what this means for you

And surely,

none of us can know

what it means for another


Always have been

Are now

And ever shall be

If you would just

release the chains of your small self

Let go

of the rules with a “u”

And, yes,

the roles with an “o” as well

Then define them for yourself

Not by the dogma of religion

Not by the dictates of society

Not by the opinions of others

Or the status quo

But by

YOUR still, small voice within

Only then can you truly be Free

Free to Be

Who You Really Are

Who You Came to Be

Who You Choose to Be


In this Moment in Time

You think Big Love

doesn’t invite just that?

Think again.

At the very least,

consider these words.

Take them in and ask yourself

if they resonate with your Being


You are free to accept or refuse

 this Invitation

That is what is meant by

Free Will

Still, know this

The Invitation will not go away

It is an Invitation without conditions

It stood before,

stands now

and will remain

forever and ever.


Is the True Easter Invitation


Is the True Song of Praise

The Real Deal Hallelujah

Please join me

And sing!


To My Dad

Who knew, Dad?

Who knew that this is where you would be, WE would be…only just a few weeks ago as we sat courtside at Nate’s game? Adalynn’s game? Me, sitting there, so happy, proud even, to have you by my side…cheering, clapping, smiling as we watched the two of them do what you did so well for most of your life-shoot a lot…LOL…and what you’ve coached so well, alongside your dear friends for many years now…

At least temporarily, gone are the days where I will highlight the schedule, call you with voicemail reminders, meet you at the ballfield (on a positive note, you will save a lot of money, since you will not continually be handing over your life savings for your granddaughter’s concession stand fund…BTW, she would like to know where you keep your cash:-)).

Yes, things are different now, so suddenly and radically different, especially for you.

Life has a way of throwing us for a loop, pulling the rug out from under us, doesn’t it? While I am grieving these losses for you, for me, for all of us, I know that it is supposed to be this way because, well, it IS this way.  It’s either that or God is out to get us, and that is certainly not my belief, nor has it been my experience (even when it looks and feels that way).

I am remembering you as you were, LOVING you as you are and surrendering you to your Highest Good, whatever that  may be~in this Moment, Always and in All Ways.

I KNOW in the depths of my Being that your Essence remains, even as your body and mind struggle and suffer.  I SEE you and your Light that shines behind those beautiful eyes.

A part of me wants nothing more than to comfort you, take away your pain and suffering, “hold you” and make it all better.  And yet, I know it is ultimately out of my hands.  Surrendering MY pain and suffering, MY Crucifixion, MY illusion of control is what ultimately releases me AND you, not to mention the rest of the world.

Still, one of the most beautiful moments of my entire Life was scratching your back a few weeks ago in the hospital.  It felt so good to assist in providing you with just a few moments of relief during what has been such a challenging, painful and frustrating time for you. Yes, in those moments, all I could think was, “He feels good right now, and nothing on this Earth matters more.”

Dad, I Love You.

That sums it up.  You are with me whenever I call you to mind.  I am with you in the same way.  I have been conversing with you in my mind on my walks.  These have truly been some of our best conversations ever!!! (maybe that’s because I get to choose what you say:-)).

Seriously, though, I feel like we are still communicating, even when I am apart from you…that, on some level, we “get” each other, and it is so comforting.

Too, I wish to acknowledge the precious,  beautfiul moments I have experienced in all of this…one is the image of you be-bopping your head to music as you lay there in the hospital bed~a sight I will forever remember with great Joy!…another is when Nate showed you his team trophy (this was before you could speak again at all), you radiated excitement and eyed up that trophy from top to bottom to show Nate-“yes, I see it and I hear you…I understand you”…the way you smiled at Adalynn and gave her hand a good squeeze each time she left the hospital…the way you say my name so clearly~I never knew how much I could Love hearing you say my name!

Even the difficult moments are precious and beautiful-what a metaphor for Life-It’s ALL Life…it truly, truly IS.

The handshake between you and your surgeon, the night before your surgery…I felt as if I had the honor of witnessing an unspoken, unbeknownst to both of you, Soul Agreement…that was just my perception and yet, I felt it in the depths of my Soul.

How can I know that this is what is best for you, dad?  Because it is what God/Life has given you…and Life ALWAYS gives us what is best for us-at least for the part of us that never dies (Who We Really Are).  And so, I will know this for you, even when you can’t.

In some ways, it’s easier to know it for you or somebody else than it is to know it for me, but I am coming to Trust It in my own life as well.  Really, it’s probably BECAUSE I have been given so many opportunities to come to trust It in my own Life that I can trust It for you and everyone else.  It’s both, I guess.

My prayer is that you are released from suffering, whatever outer form that takes.  My prayer is that you discover your unending Joy in all of this.

Whether by your bedside, holding your hand, scratching your back or miles apart, I Am with you all the way…and I Am rooting for you with Big Love.

Now and Forever, Dad, I Love You.

What Would Jesus Say?



Over the years, I have commented to several friends that, if Jesus were sitting here with us today, he would either laugh hysterically or cry hysterically at the things that have been said and done in his name.

In my mind, Jesus was a pretty cool guy and a very handsome man who simply Realized what each of us has come here to Realize.  I imagine he had a wonderful Love relationship with Mary Magdalene and possibly even some children.  Some of my ideas about Jesus have come from pictures, others from books which resonate with me ( the books that seem to include the whole Truth, rather than leaving select passages out so as to oppress the feminine and control the masses with old thinking and dogma) and still others from interesting documentaries.  Too, I have intuited and embodied Christ-Like qualitities at various moments in my life which have given me a deeper understanding of who Jesus might have been and what he was all about.

Good Friday seems like the perfect day to share aloud what is in my  heart around all of this and that is~none of this is really about Jesus at all, except in the sense that many of us keep talking about him like he is the only person who has ever, is now and shall ever embody “Christ.”

Was it not Jesus himself who named us Gods and called us to be like him?

A couple of years ago, a message came through me and I wish to share it here.  Whether or not it was Jesus communicating through me or just what I imagined he might say is left to your discretion.

At times, I have imagined myself standing at every pulpit across the world and shouting, “Let’s cut the bull-shit!”  I think Jesus might do that, too, if he were alive in body and personality today.  Yes, I think he might go out on a limb and use a swear word.  That is nothing compared to what we have attributed to him as having said.

I say all of this with Big Love and with a splash of cold water in our faces.  Are we really going to continue to hide  behind this man who lived over 2,000 years ago?

Don’t get me wrong, I think he seems like he was pretty awesome, but so are we.  And it’s time, for our sakes and for the sake of the All that we Realize this and act on it.

Happy Easter!  Happy Resurrection Day!  Happy New Life!  Enjoy the message:


Jesus’s Letter to the World

 I never intended

to become

your biggest excuse.

Don’t you see? 

I didn’t want to be

revered or exalted,

at least not any more so

than you.

I invited you

to emulate me,

to join me,

to expand upon me even.

Not to place me

high upon a pedestal~

on a threshold

you could never




I’m certain I have been

quoted as saying,


“Ye, too, are Gods. 

Ye shall do as much

as me and more.”



I guess you could say,

“I got it.”


That is,

I knew Who I Was;

I discovered

the Secret.


But I came

to share it with you,

not to hide it

from you.


So, stop! 

Please, stop hiding me

in a 2,000 year old book.


Stop dogmatizing the message

that came through me~

the Essence of which

could only put an end

to dogma

and give Life

to the Living,

Breathing Word.


Don’t put me

in the category

of self-righteousness

and judgment.


That is not

where I belong,

nor is it where

I wish to Be.


Are You Saved?


Have you accepted


into your Heart?


I hope so. 

That is exactly where

I wish to be,

as I would and do

have you

in mine.


It is time,

for Heaven’s sake.

The world

as we know it

is ending.



Praise the Lord!



has come



The Cosmic Christ

shall enter,

infuse our very Beings

with all the good

only a Christ-like heart

can bring.


We are



No longer shall you

blaspheme in my name,

nor will the peoples

of the Earth

shun you

because of Me.


Even if

they Crucify You.


Am I not

still here

to tell you

exactly this?


I AM you. 

You ARE me.


Welcome the Christ

into your heart

as I did.


The invitation

stood then

and it still stands



Do this

 in Remembrance of Me


of You.


Do this

and you will come


to your Self,

To Everlasting Life.



go forth and share your Self

with the world,

even as I did.


Don’t let me stop you.


That is NOT

what I came to do.


With Love,


Your Brother in Christ



Amy Adams is a poet/writer who wishes to serve Humanity and the Cosmos by authentically expressing what it has come to mean to her to be Divinely Human.  Her initial inspiration came from what she calls a “tried and true ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience.”  Insights, poems and writings continue to pour through her to this day, and she will write as long as writing is what’s in front of her.  In addition to writing, she enjoys dancing, singing, walking, reading, nature, conversations, playing . . .

Joy has become her guide, and it is her intention to allow Joy to Be contagious, sharing It with everyone she meets through her unique gifts and, ultimately, her Life lived.

“Humaira” is a name that was gifted to her at the time the writings began.  Amy has come to know Humaira as a very clear and wise aspect of her Being, one who is not censored, but who lives naturally, simply and from a place of Aliveness.  When Amy aligns with the “Humaira energy,” a co-creative synergy seems to occur, and it is magical, beyond even the words.


Amy Adams/Humaira


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