An Easter Invitation

An Easter Invitation

Rise Up, Dear Friend

Just as a man called Jesus did

so many years ago

That’s what this is about

YOUR Resurrection

Not somebody else’s

Jesus never intended

to become our biggest excuse


he invited us to accept Christ

into our hearts

Just as he did


was not his last name

It belongs after your first name

as much as it does his

Mind you,

this invitation is not reserved

for Christians alone

Nor do you have to be one

or even know Jesus

In order to accept it

It is a psychology

A dynamic

That lies at the heart

of being human

You were born to Rise

Just like this man we focus on today

Why not take your eyes off of him

And look at yourself?

He did not want to be a distraction

But we twisted his very message

So as to keep ourselves

from Living It

Now is the time

Allow what wants to die in you to do so

So that what wants to

Live in you,

Rise in you,

Through you

Can do just that

We are all living

our own Crucifixions and Resurrections

Crucify him?


Crucify yourself.

Or at least who you think you are

So that Who You Really Are

May Rise to Eternal Life

Have you not bore the cross

long enough already?

The pain and suffering come

from holding onto the façade

The agony comes

from selling your Soul

So that you will not be ridiculed,


crowned with thorns

What prompts me to share this with you?

Well, Life prompts me

It compels me

Because I lived my own version

of the Stations of the Cross,

the Crucifixion

and the Resurrection

And during that time,

I embodied Christ so fully

That it was as if

I and this man, Jesus,

became One

And suddenly,

In one brief instant

I understood

what all of this is about

As the Witness,

I laughed in the face of death

Yes, in my darkest hour,

when I became

the crumb beneath another’s shoe,

I saw clearly

that the only thing left to do was


And we giggled

Me and death

death and I

About how seriously we take

this playful game

About how we believe

our own nightmares

And about how we try so hard

 to convince others that they are real

At my lowest of lows,

when I was nailed to the Cross

Every ounce of me declared,

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

And in my heart of hearts

I knew what that ultimately meant

There is nothing to forgive

It is All perfectly perfect

All of the time

From a certain perspective,

Events and circumstances in our lives

Look like the worst that could happen

From a higher, broader perspective

We know that


What is occurring is for the best

A Blessing beyond words

Beyond understanding

Does this sound insane?

I suggest that it’s as sane as it gets.

Regardless, I, for one

Would rather be locked up and speak my Truth

Than free to live a lie

I prefer Crucifixion

over enforced silence

Sounds like someone else I’ve heard a lot about

Him and countless others

And I shall hang out

with the likes of them


Because I like it here


Because it’s where I Am


Because Life chooses this for me

And so, I can either choose It

Or suffer

Been there, done that

And now, I choose otherwise.

Only you know what this means for you

And surely,

none of us can know

what it means for another


Always have been

Are now

And ever shall be

If you would just

release the chains of your small self

Let go

of the rules with a “u”

And, yes,

the roles with an “o” as well

Then define them for yourself

Not by the dogma of religion

Not by the dictates of society

Not by the opinions of others

Or the status quo

But by

YOUR still, small voice within

Only then can you truly be Free

Free to Be

Who You Really Are

Who You Came to Be

Who You Choose to Be


In this Moment in Time

You think Big Love

doesn’t invite just that?

Think again.

At the very least,

consider these words.

Take them in and ask yourself

if they resonate with your Being


You are free to accept or refuse

 this Invitation

That is what is meant by

Free Will

Still, know this

The Invitation will not go away

It is an Invitation without conditions

It stood before,

stands now

and will remain

forever and ever.


Is the True Easter Invitation


Is the True Song of Praise

The Real Deal Hallelujah

Please join me

And sing!


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