Sent God a Knee-Mail

I sent God a Knee-mail and here’s the automated response I received:

“I will be IN the office from Now until Eternity.  Please send all questions and concerns directly to me and expect an immediate response.

If the response you receive does not support you in your queries, it is certain you  mistakenly contacted My competitor, “I Am Not.”  As you know, he frequently poses as Me so as to attract more clients.  Do not worry, as you’ll know soon enough you’ve been fooled by the simple fact that he does not offer the “Time of Your Life” guarantee that I do.

It would be wise to delete his response as it certainly belongs in the category of “Junk Mail.”

As for your question, I have already sent your response.  Remember, I know what you are going to ask even before you do.  I HAVE been in this business a very long time.  Be sure to close out all other files before downloading My response, as you will have created the Space to receive your answer promptly and clearly.

Enjoy your day and let Me know how I can be of further assistance.

Oh, and remember to LOL often.


Head Honchess and Program Coordinator

Live Your Life, Inc.

1111 Infinity Way

Here There, Everywhere 99999


The Journey Home:  God’s Letter to Me


My Darling, Precious Child

I Am Your Home

and I Am Here for You

Now and Forevemore.

You may choose to leave this Place

but it will only be your perception

that you have left

For, in Reality,

You can never leave

Your True Home

Which is Me.


I Am with You Always and in All Ways.


Now I won’t force you to stay

against your will

What kind of Love would that be?

The possessive kind

and that is not Love at all

That is ownership

And I don’t own you.



I Love You so much

that I free you to leave Me

as often as you wish

For, I know

that your leaving

is an illusion

You can never leave Me

and I can never leave You.


I Am You.  You Are Me.

We are the beach

and the grain of sand.

We are the body

and the cells.

We are the ocean

and the waves.

We are the Cosmos

and the Stars.

We are bound together

for Eternity,


You and I.


When it feels

as though I have left you

Go deep into Your Knowing

That this can never be true.

I will allow you

to find your own way,

but the second you want My Guidance,

it is Yours for the asking.


I see things you don’t see

But they won’t mean

near as much to you

if I tell you about them

As they will if I allow you to

discover them

for Yourself.

I will leave the Light on for you,

my Beloved Child.

Even as you stumble in the Dark

Know that You can Always

come Home.


With Love, God.



Who’s Your Dance Partner?

With whom do you choose to dance?

In my life, I seem to alternate between two partners, Trust and Doubt.  Trust is the better dancer, for sure.  Still, I continue to allow Doubt to cut in more times than I’d like to admit.

When I dance with Trust, we Flow, effortlessly…no attachments to our final destination, no analysis of the potential outcome of our combined steps…just, The Dance. I allow Trust to lead and She carries me Home, whatever the Song.

Today, I broke up with Doubt.  Yep, he’s history.  Sure, he may still call me now and then…and, I will probably succumb to the temptations of our safety and security, our comfort zone, our dead “life.”  But, I made the break, not the half-assed break-up of keeping my options open, but the full-fledged choice to move on.

And so now, a Space has been created for my new partner, Life.  Together, we shall Rise in Love.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had the opportunity to “walk my words.”  Still, it feels like a biggie.  It’s true, though…you just know when you know when you know…

Yes, with anything, it seems, there’s a sense of a life cycle coming to an end…and a bit of wondering when to do it or how it will happen or what the right time will be or whatever…and then, suddenly, in an instant, either “by choice” or not-it’s just time.

How it really happens, I think, is that the Choice is already made and we eventually step into it…basically, when we are sick and tired of suffering.

For two years now, I have been cleaning houses to pay the bills.  This came about after I made the decision to leave  a dead-end albeit fairly secure job with a University.  I knew it was time to leave my old job when I felt like I would rather have all of my teeth pulled than go to work.  Recently, it has become the same for me with cleaning.

Some people will advise us not to take the leap until something else is in place.  While this may at times be true (we each have to follow our own guidance), it has not been true in either case for me.  And, you know, I’m lookin’ IN at God sayin’, “Are you sure?…How will I pay the bills?…How can I know this is ‘right’?”  And God says to me, “Dance with Trust.”

I’ve known for some time that I am Done (with a captital D) cleaning.  While I am grateful to all of my clients and to the Universe for giving us to each other (they basically fell from the sky into my lap at the exact right and perfect time for me and for them), I just know it’s time for me to move on.  I have enjoyed being a humble servant, and I will continue to be a humble servant, no matter what the form of the outer expression.

A couple of months ago, I had a dream and it was this…I picked up my car keys and walked toward my car to go “somewhere.” I got in the car and went to put the keys in the ignition and, lo and behold, I could not do so, as my purple cleaning gloves were shoved in the ignition,   preventing me from going “anywhere.”  While this dream was simple enough, it was profound in It’s guidance, as I had known for some time that it was time for me to stop cleaning.  Too, I had been praying for guidance.  I receive a lot of my guidance in very symbolic and fairly obvious dreams and I Am so grateful for that.

I want to acknowlege that, while this is certainly a leap of faith (and it is), I am supported by Angels, both Heavenly and Earthly.  And sometimes, our Earthly Angels can only show up when we’ve made the choice to Trust our Heavenly Ones.  I Am Blessed with Friends, Family, my Dear Friend and the father of our two Beautiful Children, an unusual circumstance and countless other people and things, who are supporting me in so many ways as I transtion into Living an Outer Life that is a truer reflection of Who I Am.

I whole-heartedly believe this opportunity is present for All of Us, All of the Time.

One darling friend, just today, handed me an envelope with some money in it (I had asked her if she had any to spare for a bit).  When she handed me the envelope, I looked at her and said, “Thank You for your investment.”  And I meant it from the most Humble and Pure place in my heart.

When we invest in each other’s Truth, financially and otherwise, we invest in ourselves and in the world.

What do you choose to invest in?  The energy of fear or the energy of Love? That is a wonderful question to ask ourselves as we begin each day.

Life, you stole my heart today.  Or, is it that I finally gave it to you, Freely?

Last night, I prayed for dream guidance again.  I awoke with no remembrance of guidance.  I went about my day and, soon after awakening, received a text from a dear friend.  It was a quote from Anita Moorjani:

“When I am willing to step into the realm of uncertainly and ambiguity, I open myself up to infinite possiblities.”

I thought, “There it is-my ‘answer’.”

Right then, I texted my clients to inform them that I would no longer be cleaning houses.  Just before I sent the text, I embodied the feeling of sending the text and I knew it was “right.”

I am not suggesting throwing caution to the wind or tossing practicality out the window.  Still, I will say that sometimes there is no Rhyme or Reason to This.  That has certainly proven to be true numerous times in my own Life.

I tend to go with what “makes sense” on the inside whether or not it “makes sense” on the outside…and I have never been let down or disappointed by this.  Each time, I come to Trust more and more.  Sounds like about the surest definition of God I know.

Recently, I re-posted a quote on Facebook.  It is a quote from Neale Donald Walsch:

“Look to see who is truly serving the world, truly seeking to share wisdom and knowledge, insight and compassion.  Provide for these people, for these are the Bringers of Light.”

I humbly share with a Deep Knowing that I am one of these people.  We all are in our own way, if we so choose to Be.

There is nothing else I care to Be or Do.

So, there you have It, Life.  Does “I Do” come to mind?

No more resistance, no more cold feet, no more what-if’s…

Take me, I’m Yours.  And I Trust that, as I Am True to my Self, as I allow the Energy of Life to express Itself through me in the way It most wishes to do so, as I take the leap, I won’t have to worry about whether or not the net is there because,


And I shall be carried on Wings of Love!

And one loaf becomes many…and the fish, they are multiplied…

Today, I have found:

The Ultimate Lover


I enter the darkness

Not sure what to make of it all

Something is happening

But what?


I sense You, I feel You

A welcome reprieve

To a long, hard day


I wander through our Home

The one we’ve created together

And I wonder

Where on earth could He be?


Then, I spot It

The Staircase

To What I’m certain is




I ascend the stairs

The ones leading to You,

The ones lined with rose petals

And dancing flames


The anticipation is almost

Too much to bear


I don’t hurry my ascent

Although I am tempted to do so



I savor each and every moment

Each step, every breath

The scent of passion

The pounding of my heartbeat

The lightness of my heart

As I 

Rush (okay, I’ll admit it) slowly

To You


My cheeks are blushed, I’m certain

as I know what’s to come


I imagine you

Awaiting me

With your own bit of

Eagerness, excitement


Soon, Love

We will be complete

We will come Home

To ourselves and to each other


I’m almost there



We’ll join

And Ecstasy will explode from within our depths

Even as Joy cascades over us


You paved the way for Me

But I egged you on for sure



Or shall I call you by your pet name,


You are my Ultimate Lover.


Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day

To me

Today and every day

Each moment


As I learn to Mother myself

And as I re-member

The Life-Giver

Inside of me

Woman who nurtures

She who cradles

Goddess of my world

I Realize

The Mother within

Ever-patient, nourishing, caring

Who has always been, is now and will forever be

My true Mother


In acknowledging this

I free my Mother

I free my Daughter

And my Son

Too, my father and all men

To mother themselves




So that, together,


Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts

Fathers, grandfathers, sons, brothers, uncles

Can dance freely


Released from the burden of being responsible for another

Claiming responsibility in the only Life we can

Our own




No needs or expectations

Choosing from Joy, not fear


When we re-discover the Mother inside ourselves

The One who can never leave us

We honor the one we call “Mother”

Whoever that may be

And we can be intimate with Her



we have become intimate with ourselves

We recognize the “Mother” energy, dynamic, archetype

In everyone

As we are protected

In Spirit

Our true Home

And as we

Come home to

The Mother Within

The One who is connected and bonded

So purely and perfectly

With the All


I, for one,

Bow to Her

I choose to

Mother myself



I embrace you, Mom

I free you, Daughter and Son

I proclaim that I am ever so grateful and eternally blessed

To have come to know the Mother within

To play the roles of both Mother and Daughter

And to share what I’ve discovered

With You


Happy Mother’s Day

To myself, my mother, mothers everywhere

And to the Mother in us All.



Big Love

The Sacred Space surrounding and permeating any relationship provides the perfect laboratory to test our own level of “Awakeness.”

Yes~a tried and true litmus test for so-called enlightenment is to come out of the cave and relate to somebody!  It’s easy to have Big Love for Everybody when they are not pushing our buttons, when every unhealed aspect of ourselves is not coming to the surface as a direct result of our having called this person or these persons into our lives in the first place.

Asking “What would Jesus do?” is really just asking “What would ‘Big Love’ do?”  And, often, Big Love would “do” the opposite of what we’ve been conditioned to believe It would “do.”

All of this is especially true, or as least “gets at us” the most, in the area of what we might call Romantic relationships. While this category of relationship can feel like the most exciting thing in the world, it can also have us quickly and happily running straight to the nunnery!

So much more could be said, but I will allow this poem to speak for Itself, as I find that the words that well up from deep within me usually say it better than my thinking mind does…

The Love Is There


The Love is There

And here’s what I know

That could mean

A million things or more

In the world of form

I want more

I want less

I wish to connect

I crave my independence

We Love

And so



Become “something”


Who made that rule?

It Is

What It Is

Can that be


Or…here’s one…

…I Love You

And so



Not Love somebody else




Hang out all the time

Call each other every day

And on and on and on…



Check This Out

Something a little more…


I Love You

And so

I Free You

To Be

Who and What

You Wish and Choose

To Be

In any given Moment

Whether it involves me

Or not

I Love You

And so

I want for You

What You want for You


I Am


For the time we spend


And the time we spend


Even if

“Apart” becomes Eternity

For I Know

That only Love is Real

Only Love is Eternal



I Know that

The Love

Is There.








For Adalynn, Darling Love Deluxe:-)

As Mother’s Day approaches…just wanting to share a poem I wrote on Thanksgiving Day 2011…my beautiful daughter Adalynn and myself~we sat side by side near the creek in my grandparents’ backyard, writing…we didn’t know until we finished and shared our writings that each of us had included the other in our poems…it was a sweet moment I will forever remember…





To Be


Nature’s majesty in the backyard

Who knew?

A creek

Fast-moving and gorgeous water

Flowing, ever-flowing

Even as it comes up against so many rocks along the way

Kind of reminds me of my life these days


Dead leaves, as beautiful now as when they lived

And in their decomposition, the beauty remains

Are they really dead?

Are we, ever?

I get the sense that Life goes on

For the leaves and for us


In it’s emptiness and in it’s fullness

Life goes on

Sometimes, I get lost in the expansiveness

Well, always, I do, really

In the expansion, any sense of “I” just falls away

Then I sit with this water and these leaves

And “I” sort of creeps back in to enjoy it

It’s a mystery to me, I must say.


At first, it’s frightening to allow the falling away

Until I choose to be one with It

And I Am the leaf falling from the tree

Preparing for winter’s blanket


Yes, like nature, I expand

And I contract

So I can play

Frolic in the world of form


Even as I write this

My daughter sits beside me

In all her glory

On her chosen rock

In her own little creative world

And I know


Is bigger even than us

Than this Mother/Daughter thing

Yet, my heart bursts with Joy

That I get to experience and savor just a taste of it

In this moment in time



Today, I Am Grateful

For All of It

Whatever appearance It takes


At times, afraid to succumb

Still, it’s nothing like the fear that kept me locked inside my own mind for so long

When I was doing the same ol’ same ol’

Day in and day out

Year after year


It is decided

While I walk this Earth

I shall play

In whatever way my Soul moves me to

I shall Love

Because that’s all I really know how to do

And I shall Live

In Beauty

In the Space

In Abundance

In Gratitude

With and For

The All.



For Nate, Sweet Bud:-)

As Mother’s Day approaches…simply feeling moved to share a poem I wrote one morning, just a few months ago…inspired by my  beautiful son, Nate…so grateful and honored that I get to call myself Mother to him…

A Million Kisses A Day

 I watch you as you sleep

Just before the morning sun beckons you toward the day

And I say to myself,
“How amazing…how beautifully, perfectly, exquisitely amazing this creature is!”

 And I can’t believe it is you who used to suckle at my breast


I see you

A tender, sweet young man

And I know that your life is your own


So thrilled for you, for me, for us

I used to give you a million kisses a day

Some of them on your tiny little toes



I still get to sneak a few in

Thanks to our playful little kissing game

“I Win!”


Always, I’ll Love


I will Love your blue eyes, your gorgeous smile, your hugs,

 your consideration, the way you look at your father, the things you do with a basketball

 I will love your silly side, your contemplation, your simplicity


I will Love



And I do




I simply do


Right now, in this moment

I rub your back, plant a smooch on your forehead

And I welcome you to this day with open arms


I Am bursting with Love

To the point where we merge

You and I


And I know that I am forever smitten


Roots and Wings


Now Fly, My Love