For Adalynn, Darling Love Deluxe:-)

As Mother’s Day approaches…just wanting to share a poem I wrote on Thanksgiving Day 2011…my beautiful daughter Adalynn and myself~we sat side by side near the creek in my grandparents’ backyard, writing…we didn’t know until we finished and shared our writings that each of us had included the other in our poems…it was a sweet moment I will forever remember…





To Be


Nature’s majesty in the backyard

Who knew?

A creek

Fast-moving and gorgeous water

Flowing, ever-flowing

Even as it comes up against so many rocks along the way

Kind of reminds me of my life these days


Dead leaves, as beautiful now as when they lived

And in their decomposition, the beauty remains

Are they really dead?

Are we, ever?

I get the sense that Life goes on

For the leaves and for us


In it’s emptiness and in it’s fullness

Life goes on

Sometimes, I get lost in the expansiveness

Well, always, I do, really

In the expansion, any sense of “I” just falls away

Then I sit with this water and these leaves

And “I” sort of creeps back in to enjoy it

It’s a mystery to me, I must say.


At first, it’s frightening to allow the falling away

Until I choose to be one with It

And I Am the leaf falling from the tree

Preparing for winter’s blanket


Yes, like nature, I expand

And I contract

So I can play

Frolic in the world of form


Even as I write this

My daughter sits beside me

In all her glory

On her chosen rock

In her own little creative world

And I know


Is bigger even than us

Than this Mother/Daughter thing

Yet, my heart bursts with Joy

That I get to experience and savor just a taste of it

In this moment in time



Today, I Am Grateful

For All of It

Whatever appearance It takes


At times, afraid to succumb

Still, it’s nothing like the fear that kept me locked inside my own mind for so long

When I was doing the same ol’ same ol’

Day in and day out

Year after year


It is decided

While I walk this Earth

I shall play

In whatever way my Soul moves me to

I shall Love

Because that’s all I really know how to do

And I shall Live

In Beauty

In the Space

In Abundance

In Gratitude

With and For

The All.




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