For Nate, Sweet Bud:-)

As Mother’s Day approaches…simply feeling moved to share a poem I wrote one morning, just a few months ago…inspired by my  beautiful son, Nate…so grateful and honored that I get to call myself Mother to him…

A Million Kisses A Day

 I watch you as you sleep

Just before the morning sun beckons you toward the day

And I say to myself,
“How amazing…how beautifully, perfectly, exquisitely amazing this creature is!”

 And I can’t believe it is you who used to suckle at my breast


I see you

A tender, sweet young man

And I know that your life is your own


So thrilled for you, for me, for us

I used to give you a million kisses a day

Some of them on your tiny little toes



I still get to sneak a few in

Thanks to our playful little kissing game

“I Win!”


Always, I’ll Love


I will Love your blue eyes, your gorgeous smile, your hugs,

 your consideration, the way you look at your father, the things you do with a basketball

 I will love your silly side, your contemplation, your simplicity


I will Love



And I do




I simply do


Right now, in this moment

I rub your back, plant a smooch on your forehead

And I welcome you to this day with open arms


I Am bursting with Love

To the point where we merge

You and I


And I know that I am forever smitten


Roots and Wings


Now Fly, My Love







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