Big Love

The Sacred Space surrounding and permeating any relationship provides the perfect laboratory to test our own level of “Awakeness.”

Yes~a tried and true litmus test for so-called enlightenment is to come out of the cave and relate to somebody!  It’s easy to have Big Love for Everybody when they are not pushing our buttons, when every unhealed aspect of ourselves is not coming to the surface as a direct result of our having called this person or these persons into our lives in the first place.

Asking “What would Jesus do?” is really just asking “What would ‘Big Love’ do?”  And, often, Big Love would “do” the opposite of what we’ve been conditioned to believe It would “do.”

All of this is especially true, or as least “gets at us” the most, in the area of what we might call Romantic relationships. While this category of relationship can feel like the most exciting thing in the world, it can also have us quickly and happily running straight to the nunnery!

So much more could be said, but I will allow this poem to speak for Itself, as I find that the words that well up from deep within me usually say it better than my thinking mind does…

The Love Is There


The Love is There

And here’s what I know

That could mean

A million things or more

In the world of form

I want more

I want less

I wish to connect

I crave my independence

We Love

And so



Become “something”


Who made that rule?

It Is

What It Is

Can that be


Or…here’s one…

…I Love You

And so



Not Love somebody else




Hang out all the time

Call each other every day

And on and on and on…



Check This Out

Something a little more…


I Love You

And so

I Free You

To Be

Who and What

You Wish and Choose

To Be

In any given Moment

Whether it involves me

Or not

I Love You

And so

I want for You

What You want for You


I Am


For the time we spend


And the time we spend


Even if

“Apart” becomes Eternity

For I Know

That only Love is Real

Only Love is Eternal



I Know that

The Love

Is There.









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