Sent God a Knee-Mail

I sent God a Knee-mail and here’s the automated response I received:

“I will be IN the office from Now until Eternity.  Please send all questions and concerns directly to me and expect an immediate response.

If the response you receive does not support you in your queries, it is certain you  mistakenly contacted My competitor, “I Am Not.”  As you know, he frequently poses as Me so as to attract more clients.  Do not worry, as you’ll know soon enough you’ve been fooled by the simple fact that he does not offer the “Time of Your Life” guarantee that I do.

It would be wise to delete his response as it certainly belongs in the category of “Junk Mail.”

As for your question, I have already sent your response.  Remember, I know what you are going to ask even before you do.  I HAVE been in this business a very long time.  Be sure to close out all other files before downloading My response, as you will have created the Space to receive your answer promptly and clearly.

Enjoy your day and let Me know how I can be of further assistance.

Oh, and remember to LOL often.


Head Honchess and Program Coordinator

Live Your Life, Inc.

1111 Infinity Way

Here There, Everywhere 99999


The Journey Home:  God’s Letter to Me


My Darling, Precious Child

I Am Your Home

and I Am Here for You

Now and Forevemore.

You may choose to leave this Place

but it will only be your perception

that you have left

For, in Reality,

You can never leave

Your True Home

Which is Me.


I Am with You Always and in All Ways.


Now I won’t force you to stay

against your will

What kind of Love would that be?

The possessive kind

and that is not Love at all

That is ownership

And I don’t own you.



I Love You so much

that I free you to leave Me

as often as you wish

For, I know

that your leaving

is an illusion

You can never leave Me

and I can never leave You.


I Am You.  You Are Me.

We are the beach

and the grain of sand.

We are the body

and the cells.

We are the ocean

and the waves.

We are the Cosmos

and the Stars.

We are bound together

for Eternity,


You and I.


When it feels

as though I have left you

Go deep into Your Knowing

That this can never be true.

I will allow you

to find your own way,

but the second you want My Guidance,

it is Yours for the asking.


I see things you don’t see

But they won’t mean

near as much to you

if I tell you about them

As they will if I allow you to

discover them

for Yourself.

I will leave the Light on for you,

my Beloved Child.

Even as you stumble in the Dark

Know that You can Always

come Home.


With Love, God.



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