Life Wants to Have a Go…

I’m on fire, in, a good way.  Yes, death has birthed  me and I simply cannot stop Living!

Do we value Life as much as we do death?  I think not.

Here’s what I mean.  It seems to me, in our society, we believe we have to get sick, develop an illness, have a death in the family or even die ourselves in order to justify taking a break from living lives we absolutely do not wish to live.

You know, we feel like we have to give a good excuse, reason or explanation as to why we can’t or won’t do something somebody has asked us to do…”Oh, sorry, I can’t…I have to work.”; “I won’t be able to make it…I’m already volunteering tonight.”; “I would but I already promised so and so I’d help her out.”

There IS another way…

How about, “I won’t be able to come to your function…I have plans to take a bubble bath.”???

Or what about, “No, thank you.”???

Or just, “No.”???

My yes to me is always a yes to you and it just might sound a whole lot like a no!  No is yes and yes is yes.

This applies in small ways and in the larger picture of our lives.

Could it be that we just might possibly have it all wrong?…a little backwards maybe?

What would happen if we valued a life of purpose, meaning, Joy and unconditional service as much as we do martyrdom, victimhood, obligation, resentment and responsibility?

I am clear that my only responsibility is to my Soul.  If that were not true, I would never die.  Surely, my death puts a damper on someone else’s day if that someone believes that their life is dependent upon me staying alive.

Death (aka Life) does not happen at a convenient time.  Asking someone to put their life on hold for your death is no different than asking someone to put their death on hold for your life.  This is not to say we won’t do so…it’s just that Aliveness causes us to come from a place of Conscious Choice rather than obligation.  When we release expectations and shoulds for ourselves and for others, we allow space for Natural Expression, Inner Guidance, and everyone and everything to Rise into Its rightful and perfect place.  We let go of the reigns and invite Life to enter.  In this way, Life is not put on hold at all, even in so-called death.  A Yes to our Soul is Life, even though it  may look very much like death to our personality.

I’ve often said that people are going to get pissed at us and blame us anyway, so we may as well live the lives we want to live. Surrendering to God’s idea of my Life is the best way I know to do so…that is, live the life I want to live. This was a huge revelation for a former people-pleaser like myself.  When I stopped putting others before God, I heard Her loud and clear.  And, to the best of my ability, I shall heed her promptings.  And I shall Love with Big Love all the way.  Guess what… you are free:-)!!!  No longer will I attempt to get you to like me or approve of me by doing what I think you want me to do.  And I Am also Free!  Talk about Good News!

Everyone is served when we are true to ourselves.  Nobody is served if we hide our Light and come up with a million excuses as to why we simply “can’t do it.”

An aquaintance was attempting to “save” me the other day.  We were having a conversation about life, trials and tribulations, etc.  I expressed to her that I suspect if Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Muhammed, etc. were alive at the same time, they would have been good buddies, as they all relayed essentially the same message.  Her response to me was “Yes, but Jesus is the only one who died for our sins.”  I know where she’s coming from.  Been there.  Believed that (well, sort of believed, at least as much as I needed to in order to live up to being a “good little Catholic girl”).  Anyway, we agreed to disagree and, as I walked away, she said, “I will pray that you change your mind.”  I said, “I’m certain you will.”

Today, I was driving and that conversation popped into my mind and all I could think was, “Get a Life.”  Seriously, let’s agree to stop attempting to save and convert each other so as to keep ourselves from truly living.  Let’s stop judging others’ choices to keep ourselves from secretly experiencing the jealousy we feel about not summoning the courage to make those same choices ourselves.  Let’s stop encouraging and enabling each other to live dead “lives”.

Live for the sake of Living.  It’s as simple as that.

Even now, you don’t have to believe anything I say.  I only express it because it wants to be expressed.  I have no need or desire to have you agree with me.  However, if what I share serves you in some way, so be it.

It’s like God saying, “This is for YOUR sake, not mine.”

Back to my driving daydream…I no sooner replayed that conversation in my mind when “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown came on the radio.  I thought, “How fitting!” and I belted it out like nobody’s business!  As if that wasn’t enough to make me smile at synchronicities galore pouring from the sky, I turned the station when the song was over, only to find Brittany Spears singing her version of the same song.  I was in awe.

(The Universe communicates with me in the form of songs, either pre-existing songs which validate my current circumstances, guidance, experiences, etc. or with lyrics and melodies presenting themselves to me out of nowhere, inviting me to birth them into the world.  It’s a  blast, I must say!)

I reached my destination, only to become involved in yet another opportunistic conversation.  The woman said to me, “Your children need you, at least until they’re 18, if  not beyond.”  My response was, “My children do not need me and I’ll be the first to tell them that.  What kind of life am I setting them up for if I have them believe that they need me?  I tell my children, ‘Go Within AND I am here for you’.”  She responded, “Well, my mother needs me.”  I lovingly shared, “Your mother does not need you.  You could die tomorrow.  What then?  Your mother will likely live on.  As you take your next “right” step, someone else will step in.  This does not mean you won’t choose to support your mother in some way…it just means she does not NEED you to do so.”

The point I’m attempting to make here is that, for each of us, our next “right” step could be death or Life…and both are Life, by the way.

The Force is the Force is the Force.  It’s leading us where it’s leading us and it’s pull is strong.  It is okay to let go.  When we have held on for as long as we possibly can…yes,  it is absolutely okay to let go and even enjoy the ride.  What’s the point of riding in the first place if we stay stuck in guilt and blame?  A death bed is a Life bed and vice versa.  Two sides of the same coin.

We have made Jesus out to  be a martyr.  We made him into a victim.  I want to tell you something…He Lived!  I’m not saying he didn’t die first (like we all do), but there was ultimately no room for regret in his surrender.  Yes, He Lived.  I suspect he EVEN made sweet, sweet Love to Mary Magdalene…that’s how much he Lived…that’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it.  Too, he Lived in the sense that he wasn’t willing to sell his Soul to conformity and the status quo.    We justify and even honor our own martyrdom and victimhood by believing that’s what Jesus was all about.  And we offer it all up as repentance for our so-called sins!


Jesus invited us to Life, the fullness of Life in all Its Glory!

You’ve just been bitten by Life and it is serious…so, you might consider calling in for a “Well Day” in order to give this Life Bug time to move through you and do what it must.

Don’t be surprised if, after a few days off, you want to take extended “Well Leave.”

I’m just sayin’…that’s what happened FOR me…

This is the true meaning of:


“Married (to your Self) for Life”

“Ye shall have no other gods before Me”


Let us honor the Life within and allow Its outer Expression, whatever that means for each of us.

Life, as honorable and worthy of our time, encouragement and support as “death”…

C’mon…just one little taste:-)???

You’ll be hooked!

Let’s all live, side by side, even if we’re miles apart, Loving, Embracing, Allowing…

It’s just so much more fun then living miles apart, even if we’re side by side, Resenting, Blaming, Judging…


As for me, my Life is my own.  I am not asking anyone’s permission to Live…

As If I Could Know


Do I dare believe

that I could possibly know

what’s best for you?


The second I take your matters

into my hands,

I give away my power

and I take yours away

(as if I could)


I Am here

I Love You

and that is It

That is All


I Love You so much

that I free you

to come and go as you wish

In small ways

and in “not so small” ways


And I free myself, too.


Let us not hold ourselves prisoner

to someone else’s idea

of what our lives should look like


Do I know what’s best for you?


I do not.



pretending I do

is stressful,

too much pressure…


If I Am inspired to guide you,

I shall

If I Am called to share

my experiences with you,

I will…


but your matter of Life and death is not mine


I free you to Live and die as you so choose

and I Love You

with Big Love


Let’s walk together,

side by side

For Life…


that is,

for as long as Life compels us to do so,

for as long as there is still Life in our walk



only Death shall part us

and I am no match for Her,

at least not of myself alone


I will not fight Her when she arrives

I will not argue with Life or Death



or anyone else’s


Doing so causes suffering

and I choose Freedom


Life is Love

Death is Love




is all




As if I could know better than

She does


I will not even begin to try.



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