Allow Me…


…says God, Life.

I have submitted the final manuscript for my book and I’m wondering, “What do I do with myself now?”

Life is such a Dance . . . between acting and allowing.

I allow the inspiration, and I act on it.

I act on the inspiration, and I allow It to do what It must.

Birthing a book is so very similar to birthing children.

It’s that whole Roots and Wings thing, ya know?  This book wanted to come through me so strongly.  Mostly, I stepped aside and allowed myself to be The Channel.  There were times, though, when I held on and said, “Oh no…what if I let go of control?  What might come of It then?”

And the answer is, “What is to come of It will come of It.”  And with my children, “What is to come of them will come of them.”

I can support, guide, do the footwork, etc., but, ultimately, God has the final say…for my book, my children, myself and my Life.

And, you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way…not now.  Now that I know the release, the relief, that comes from surrendering It all into God’s hands, I most certainly would not have it any other way.

I offer this book–Life offers this book–as a Gift.  I might even go so far as to say, “This book is Life offering Itself to whomever might be served by what lies within It.”

Too, Life offers my children, myself–all of us–as Channels through which Life, Divinity, expresses Itself.

We “Go Within,” we let It out, and all are served.

Break out the ice chips, the birthing ball, the aromatherapy, the music, whatever it takes…cuz I am as fertile as the ground in springtime and pregnant with possibility.

I said, “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” and Life said, “Here I Am!”

This labor thing is gonna last a while.  Thank goodness for midwives and doulas.

I was walking the other day, and there was so much pollen floating through the air that I thought to myself, “Gees, I hope I don’t get pregnant.”  Life was so full, so vibrant, so, so…all around me, IN me!  It was as if I was bursting with It, blooming forth from a tight bud.

This is how it is after the long, cold, dark winter.

Life wants to live, and She means business!

I accept Her invitation, She holds the door open wide…and She looks at me and smiles and says, “Allow Me.”

Give it to Me


Give it to Me.


All of it.


I know exactly where it belongs.

Give Me your Joy and your Sorrow,

your Successes and your Mis-takes,

your most precious, cherished Gifts,

oh, yes, especially those.

The people, places and things nearest and dearest to You–

release them to Me all the more.


I can’t do anything much while you’re still holding on,

clinging for dear Life.


Relax into Me,

surrender into Me,

and Dear Life will sort itself out.


I will wait with utmost patience,

but, ultimately, the decision must be yours.

Would it be a choice if I made it for you?


The harder you cling,

the more certain you are to lose what’s within your grasp.


In Me, you can never lose anything.

Transmuting Energy is what I do best.


I am the Divine Mixer and the Divine Mix,

endlessly inviting you back to the drawing board

so that we may begin anew.


We work with what’s right before our very eyes,

stirring it up and starting again.


You give it to Me, and I give it back to you.






And the world receives,

all because…


gave it to Me.

From Book of Love: Poems to Light Your Way Home,

by Humaira/Amy Adams,

available through,, and




















One thought on “Allow Me…

  1. Tears come to my eyes as I read this Amy. You hear as I here. You here the same Message of Love from the same Voice of Love. This Comfort, this Wisdom, this Grace, the Love is here for all. Now is the time for all to know as we now known. God is Love and wants to fill us with this Love God is. Wow, what fun it is to awaken to this Truth, yes it is. But my joy is multiplied when I see the same joy in another’s eyes!

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