For Sheba . . .

Furry friend,

such Soul in your eyes.

I’ve never seen it

in a four-legged creature,

the depth I see in you.

Sweet, Precious, Gentle—


It is your time, Dear One,

but it’s difficult to let you go.

That, due to circumstances,

we’ve been Blessed

to share so much time with you

as of late,

is a Miracle of the most wondrous kind.

You are Nate’s buddy—

the way you two look at each other

makes my heart melt.

He snuggles you, caresses you, walks you

(or do you walk him?),

even has your back when the mean lady

yells at you for walking on her grass!

He can’t compliment you enough—

he says you’re just so

sweet, nice, good . . .

Wow, he will miss you for sure.

But, too, the Wise Soul in him knows . . .

yes, deep down, he knows . . .



happens when It’s ready,

not when we are.

And Adalynn cares for you

like she’s your Mama . . .

always concerned about where you are,

happy to let you in and out

when you tap your paw on the windowpane.

Oh, “Aunt Sheba” . . .

You and I,

we danced,


You’ve got moves that would put

Michael Jackson to shame!

Maybe the two of you

will do a little moonwalkin’

sometime soon.

Sheba Louise . . . good, good girl.

Tears stream down my face . . .

Pappy Bill, our dad,

he loves you more than he loves anyone!

Okay, so maybe that’s because

you don’t scream, yell, jump on the furniture,

cry, stay out past curfew or worry him sick . . .

but, mostly, it’s just because you’re


What’s not to Love?

You are Love Itself.

Grandma Carol, our mom,

said she can honestly say

she’s never been angry with you,

and I believe her!

Bet she can’t say the same about me:-).

You’re my sister, my best doggy friend.

I didn’t hug you or pet you

as much as I would have liked


you shed like nobody’s business!

Now, I’d wear your fur

like my favorite sweater.

It’s true sometimes


 we don’t know what we have

until it’s gone.

No, you know,

that’s NOT true in this case.

We knew what we had in You,

‘cause you’re just . . .

so simple,

so easy,



And we will continue

to know what we have in You

even as your body changes form.

You truly are

The Best Dog Ever!!!

And I’m not even a “dog person.”

Gosh, we’re all gonna miss You.

Tears . . . tears . . . tears . . .


enjoy the rest of your Journey

as your Spirit,

for certain,

lives on . . .

Sweet, Precious Girl—

hugs, kisses, paws . . .

and one last look in those eyes . . .


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