All Aboard!!!: You Comin’ or What?!


The following is an excerpt from the “channeled” prelude in my first book, Book of Love: Poems To Light Your Way Home:

“NOW, here you are, experiencing Life moving at the speed of Light.  Yes, go ahead, share the vision you just received: Life as a fast moving train. You, willing to risk everything to get on board. You, with one tiny little suitcase hopping onto that moving train.  Smiling.  Laughing.  That’s all there is to it–you simply are not going to miss this for anything!”

As is so often the case in my life, I finally caught up with what I wrote . . . in this case, literally: Holy Trains! It seems like eons ago that I was boarding the first of my “Global Eurail Pass” trains with Tracey, and it’s actually only been a couple of weeks. So much occurred leading up to the eventual boarding of that train that once we finally did it, I felt like I had just accomplished the completion of my first marathon! For starters, allow me to take some of the romanticism right out of this traveling thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s there for sure, but this is certainly not all rose petals and chocolates (it is a whole lot of tiramisu but that’s for an entirely different blog post).

So I’m not sure at this point if I’m a yay or a nay where the Eurail pass is concerned (I think in the end I’m gonna be a yay) but talk to  me a few weeks ago, when I was spending three full days of my trip on trying to sort the thing out, and I was a big, fat NAY for sure! Here’s a little tip for ya: READ THE FINE PRINT. I bought a really expensive pass, yep THAT one, with visions of traveling easily from place to place whilst sugar plums danced in my head. Come to find out, as I began planning my tentative itinerary, that for high-speed reservations, I needed to book anywhere from three months to at least eight days beforehand and have the tickets mailed to me. “Excuse me? Come again.” Wait, lemme re-phrase that, “WHAAAAAATTTT THE FUCK?!!!” I literally sat in a pile of papers, trying to make a phone call to a number that didn’t exist, crying and seriously considering downing the entire bottle of wine on the table and booking the first flight home.

I did not do that. I vented, and re-read . . . and vented and re-read . . . and reached out to practiced travelers . . . oh, and I did open that bottle of wine. Anyway, turns out that you can often–not always– but often, book your reservation as soon as you get to the train station–whew!! But let me tell you, it does NOT sound like that’s a possibility the way it reads. Thankfully, for someone who loves validation, I have met so many travelers along the way who have experienced this same confusion.

Anyway, back to boarding that train with Tracey. I had forgotten that we had made a reservation so I was taking my good ‘ol time when, as we were still a little ways away from the station, Tracey said to me, “Yeah we depart at 11:30.” Oops. Well  our train left a teensy bit late and so we just–and I mean just–made it! We were hopping onto that train with all our stuff as the doors were shutting! Reminds me so much of life, hence the title of this blog . . . and also hence the “channeling” I shared at the beginning of this post.

In my experience, Life is constantly inviting us onto the train, inwardly and outwardly: it is up to us to say yes and board (even without perfect planning) . . . before the conductor closes the doors. Having said that, almost always, there will be another train. Thank God/Conductor/Goddess/Life within Me, because I have spent a large portion of this trip consumed by a regret, one tiny little regret that is just eating me alive. I won’t get into it here because, well frankly, I am sick of my obsessive thoughts about it, but I have to forgive myself for not taking that train (for whatever reason) and trust that another train will come along.

So I’ll wrap up this blog by mentioning the gorgeous scenery I’ve witnessed from the trains so far . . . wow. Yes, again, just like with life, the ride is messy and imperfect . . . but a wondrous and scenic adventure nonetheless, and probably even more for it. Now, I’ll depart from this car to finish editing my second book which so aptly ends with this:

Ahhhhh . . . how does that feel?  Like a breath of fresh air, huh?  And so we can begin again.  We’re back on track and oh what a trip lies ahead!  Hop on and don’t hold back!  Shout it at the top of your lungs—you know you want to . . . ‘All Aboard!’”



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