What If You Are With God and He Sneezes? . . . A Silly, Playful Query Evoked These Thoughts Within Me


The title of this blog post was inspired by a thoughtful and playful query from my sixteen-year old son:

“What if you are with God and He sneezes? What would you say? . . . If I am with God, I hope He doesn’t sneeze.”

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of this post, may I please share how much Joy and Laughter fill my heart as a direct result of the two beings who chose to enter this world through me? Both my son and daughter, Nate and Adalynn, are beautiful, thoughtful, tender Souls . . . and they caaaraaaack me up on a regular basis. I am so grateful and so blessed to walk this earthly journey with them.

So when I received a text from their dad last night, describing the above pondering, I wasn’t totally surprised as I know this side of Nate very well (I ask the same sorts of questions and have witnessed Nate philosophizing over similar mysteries many, many times) and yet I was still completely smitten with his mind all over again.

Now let me tell you that we, as a family, don’t believe in or worship a “God” in any sort of traditional or religious sense (thank “God”). We do, however, share in a deep reverence for Life and, I think, for a Higher Intelligence within us (and us within It) that’s behind it all.

So, having said that, what if you are with God and He sneezes? All joking and playfulness set aside, I suggest we do whatever it takes to sort out the answer to this question sooner rather than later . . . ’cause “God” is sneezin’ up a storm . . . and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna stop any time soon.

As a lover of metaphors, allow me to explain:

“God” (aka “Life”) is so overwhelmed by irritants right now that the sneezing has become chronic. Can you imagine sneezing non-stop? What kind of Life would that be? And would you even want it to go on? I suspect if you couldn’t find a way to end the irritation, you might just choose to be sneezed into oblivion and maybe consider starting over elsewhere. Sound familiar? That’s where we are right now, at least those of us who are at all allowing ourselves to be affected by what is, shamefully (albeit, from a broader perspective, very purposefully), occurring on this  planet. If a small child were sneezing incessantly, would we just continue to say “God Bless You” or would we attempt to find the irritating culprit and remove it? I suspect and hope the latter.

And that is what we’re faced with now. We are so chronically allergic to the many irritants we are facing today–ones that exist within us by the way–that we are sneezing ourselves into oblivion. We can choose to remove the irritants, beginning always with the ones within ourselves (removing the ones out there ain’t gonna do a bit of good if we’ve still got ’em inside of us) or we can just continue saying “God Bless You” and go about our lives, getting to the point (like we already have in many ways) where we don’t even take the time to bless or acknowledge the situation because it’s not affecting our precious little corner of the world and so, why bother (“We’ll never be infected”).


And it is the very reason for the necessity of the chronic sneezing, the perpetual attempt of Life to expel irritants, ones that pose a potential threat to Its very existence.

I suggest that these irritants show up in the form of one very potent and deadly virus, namely Greed. The symptoms are many, and they include problems such as inequality, environmental disregard, bigotry, racism, sexism, hunger and violence . . . just to name a few. “God” (aka “Life”) keeps trying to sneeze away these irritants, but we continue to sprinkle them throughout the world, not caring about their effects so long as they don’t touch us and our “loved” ones. Well, guess what . . . they already have. And, for that matter, who on this planet is not our “loved” one? These irritants are not conducive to Life, hence the sneezing fit.

As is evidenced by the state of things across the globe, attempting to expel irritants and hold them at bay only works for so long. We must rid our world of the irritants all together and, again, it has to begin with us . . . each of us individually.

In my recent travels, I’ve witnessed time and again the machine guns in the hands of those who would “protect” us. Well, fear is the surest definition of death I know, and that seems to be the state in which many of us are living. While treating symptoms has its place, what if we chose to actually get to the root of the issue? Life’s incessant sneezing is a sure sign that we have yet to identity the culprit . . . and I suspect that is because it is not “who” we think it is.

In the meantime, I guess if we are with “God” (Life) and “He” sneezes, the only person left to bless the situation is us. So let us do so but not without doing everything within our power to remove the culprit (the irritants within ourselves) so that we can find our way out of this mess. And then “God” (aka “Life”) will surely bless all of us, not just the select few who’ve managed (or at least think they have) to dodge the germs.





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