A Final Plea to Those Who Are Still Considering Voting for Donald Trump and Also to Those Who Are #NeverTrump but Think We Can Defeat Him Without Voting for Hillary Clinton

If someone had told me at the beginning of the election season that I would be writing the following article I would have looked at them like they had three heads. Even a few months ago, when Hillary (not Bernie) became the Democratic nominee, I would have had difficulty penning the title of this article, let alone the article itself.  In fact, it was only a couple of weeks ago that my own inner highest answer presented itself to me in terms of how I’ll be casting my vote. I did not come to this conclusion lightly: in fact I came to this answer quite painfully at first. However, with all the choices in front of me I just don’t see a better one. Having said that, I’m somewhat excited and even optimistic at this point about finally saying “I’m with Her.”

My “in my head” response to a friend who recently posted about stopping the propaganda (I do agree here) and how nobody asked her opinion on for whom they should cast their vote (I don’t agree here as I think we should all be having this conversation right now), along with my “on paper” response to another friend’s sharing of an article related to the unimportance of this election and to his choosing not to vote from fear, inspired the following response from within me:

This is NOT a normal election, folks. This is not simply one candidate caught up in corruption vs. another candidate caught up in corruption. This isn’t Republicans vs. Democrats and propaganda and silly, ridiculous memes and the like. No. This election is all of our stuff coming to the surface so that we have the opportunity to choose purely once and for ALL.

While we’re likely to get through it regardless of who gets elected I would say it’s pretty important that we have managed to choose a complete and utter lunatic in Trump as the Republican nominee. Granted Clinton has been caught up in corruption and greed just like many other politicians (this is where the entire system itself needs some major revamping) but again this election is not simply one corrupt candidate against another or even one party against another. We are seriously considering electing a sexist, racist, narcissist, immature, manipulative, greedy bully of a demagogue as President of this country. What is wrong with us?! His appointments and policies could potentially set us back decades in terms of Justice, fairness, equality, our relationship with the rest of the world, care of our planet…not to mention where we’re headed economically (he’s a complete moron where all of this is concerned as well…I don’t care how rich he is or isn’t). The ONLY good thing that could come from (god forbid) this horrible human being getting elected is that we would fall on our asses rather quickly: complacency would have no choice but to go out the window as hitting full out rock bottom would force us to wake up and take Life seriously….

…seriously, Life is not joking around here: She is done with impure intentions of any kind. She is making that absolutely clear considering the state of things. And Hillary, once (hopefully) elected needs to wise up, too, where intentions are concerned. But the real wising up has to come from ALL of us, from each of us individually. I mean what do we really want here? I would assume most of us want a country, a world and a planet that works for as many people as possible, one where principles we learned in kindergarten–for shit’s sake–actually play themselves out in the real world. What else is worth wanting?
Yes, Life is bigger than this election–there’s a whole cosmos out there…but I wouldn’t call this election unimportant. The cosmic joke could be that nothing ultimately matters…I mean we could self-destruct and Life will go on…but I don’t think that’s what we’re up to here.
Anything that has a huge potential impact on the lives of so many is NOT unimportant. We’re at a major crossroads, and I do believe this election is an outer reflection of just that.
Everything is crumbling but what did we expect? Nothing built on greed can last.
We can call it unimportant, become indifferent, turn away, not give two shits, etc…but I would say that this election is important, regardless of the stance we take on it, for the simple fact that it, like everything, is serving to wake us the fuck up! Life seems to always have our backs in that way.
I don’t believe in making choices from a fearful place. However, fear can serve a purpose in letting us know when we are in grave danger. And I would argue that electing Trump puts us in grave danger: we should ALL be afraid of who he is and what he stands for…of what might become of us should he take office.

I was Bernie all along. Through Hillary, I’m still Bernie as a matter of fact. While it took me a while to come around to voting for Hillary I do not at this point feel like I am casting my vote for her out of fear. Do I fear a Trump presidency? Yes (although I also get that from a bigger perspective there is ultimately nothing to fear). But if I sense danger before stepping on a poisonous snake, I’m not gonna choose to step on it anyway simply because I won’t make a choice from a place of fear.

Is Hillary the “ultimate” answer? Probably not. However, the next answer is #neverTrump, and Hillary is how we get there: the way I see it, she is the next step in terms of walking through the fire. Of course we’d love to avoid the fire and go straight to the other side but I don’t see any way around it.
This might not be the greatest analogy but my mind is likening this to a heroin addict whose first step is to stop taking the drug (#neverTrump) and whose next step is recovery (#Hillary–with pressure from Bernie and the rest of us while we get better, crumble and rebuild from a place of pure intentions). Then again we could apply this same analogy to electing Trump and just getting hard-core rock bottom over-with: I simply don’t see why we wouldn’t avoid a piano falling on our heads if we can.
The fact is,we’re not gonna elect NEITHER of them, not this time around: that’s just not gonna happen. It’s gonna be one of the two of them: unfortunately that’s just the way things still are right now. While I’m a huge fan of jumping off the cliff without a net, I just don’t think now–while the lion’s den in the form of Trump is waiting in the canyon, mouth wide open awaiting our certain fall–is the time to do so.


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