Present on a Holy Night

IMG_1180.JPGPresent on a Holy Night

Oh, Christmas Tree,

I am mesmerized by your

dancing, twinkling lights—

here, there and everywhere.

Stardust sprinkles from

The Star

you wear so proudly on your crown.

I see Eternity in your strong and sturdy trunk.

And through your bough,



touches me.

Words scattered

across your branches:





You write me into Silence,



And the calm abiding within me makes Itself known.

She comes to enjoy the tiny trinkets by which you are adorned.

A simple moment as I sip my minted tea.

Fire crackling, snowflakes falling.

Time has stood still.

You evoke in me a sense of timelessness.

I go in and in and in,

trying to find the end,

but it’s not there.

My breathing slows,

and all is well,

in Life and in Death.

You are my Eternity,

my Eternal Tree.

Gifts may be placed

underneath you, around you,

but you

are the true Gift,

The Gift,

present for me,

on this

Holy Night.

Copyright © 2012 by Humaira~Amy Adams


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