The Inaugeration of Love, Truth, Justice and Equality

I’m sitting with my dad today, and I’m watching episode after episode of “Law and Order” because that’s what he watches. As I sit here I feel sicker and sicker and angrier and angrier about the man we elected as president of the United States. He bragged about walking in on half-dressed teenagers. He gloated about being able to grab women by the “pussy” whenever he damn well pleases. His first wife accused him of rape: she didn’t recant, she simply clarified that she didn’t want it to be portrayed in a “literal or criminal sense.” Countless other women spoke of being sexually assaulted by him. I watched him with my own eyes as he demeaned a former contestant from one of his ridiculous pageants. He’s made numerous statements objectifying women, including statements about his own daughter. He’s promoted severely outdated (things that never should have been in place to begin with) ideas related to a so-called “woman’s place.” I could go on and on and on.
In voting for him we are sending a clear message that it is okay, acceptable and even a good idea to treat women this way. And I for one will NOT stand for it. I am ashamed for us, deeply saddened for us and angrier than hell that we would send this message to our children and our grandchildren, sons and daughters–grandsons and granddaughters–alike. Not to mention what it says about how we feel about ourselves. 
I understand–though it’s tough for me to see how–that some people who voted for him don’t see that in doing so they said that yes these behaviors are okay or at the very least that they are not important enough to be deal-breakers. And it’s tough to make a bold statement such as this while being respectful to those who chose to vote for him. Let me be clear that, whoever you are, I have deep reverence for you as a divine human being: this includes Donald himself. But this does not mean I will remain silent on such an abhorrent issue as this. We have remained silent for far too long about subtle and not-so-subtle rape in our society. We have remained silent for far too long about molestation and abuse. We have laughed things off so as not to offend “the good ‘ol boys,” and this shit has got to stop. In fact, it is BECAUSE I have deep reverence for all of us that I will not allow us to treat ourselves and each other this way. We are all in this together, folks: one person’s mistake is the team’s mistake. And it is just that–a mis-take for which we get a re-do once we see the error of our ways.
On January 21, the day after the inauguration (my god I can’t believe that is actually happening), there is a Women’s March on Washington, and it is for ALL of us. I am grateful and honored to be attending the true inauguration–the inauguration of Love, Truth, Equality and Justice. 
Yes I feel ashamed. Yes I feel saddened. Yes I feel angry. But I also feel hopeful. This is NOT the end of the story: this is the Rock Bottom before we venture in the only direction to go from here–upward toward the Light. 
Let us use this as our tried and true Rock Bottom. Let us recognize this as our tried and true “Dark Night of the Soul.” Let us heed this as our tried and true Wake-Up Call…and let us Rise Up, TOGETHER.

The Light of day has dawned, and the Truth shall set us free.

Do you wish to conquer me?

What if I want to be conquered?

That changes things up a little, doesn’t it?
Do you still want to play?
Or is my idea of an innocent game
your version of a blatant and deadly battle?
I will not conform to society’s idea of
“a woman’s place”
in this.
Why should I want it any less than you?
Fear is arising, isn’t it?
Who are you without your manipulations, your scoreboard, your agendas?
Who am I?
Let’s intend mutual enjoyment, mutual reverence, mutual fun.
Seduce me, yes.
But do it with Love.
Not love that owns or owes or possesses.
For that is surely not love.
But Love that frees, uplifts and expands,
both your Light and mine.
And I shall play the role of Seductress if I must.
But only to lure you into Love’s embrace.
Everything is fleeting.
Do not flee because nothing will
“come of it.”
Whatever does that mean?
What will come of it is what comes of it,
each moment, each second, each breath.
And I suspect some heavy breathing
in our future
if we would just succumb,
subject ourselves
to this joyous and sexy invitation.
If nobody is harmed,
then what harm can be done?
This is a conscious choice,
made from the inside out,
not from the world’s idea
of what
should look like.
Let us be conquered by Love,
and let It infuse Itself into every
inner battle we face
as we embark upon
this unknown, uncharted territory.
I would not, will not,
miss this for the world.
I won’t bypass the
deliciousness that is staring me in the face
because I fear it might leave me bitter.
Do you wish to conquer me?
Well then clothe yourself in Love,
and I shall strip away my armor.
Together we will ride it out,
wave by wave,
touch by touch,
look by look,
smile by smile,
until we are spent,
And our encounter shall speak to all the peoples of the world,
“Love conquers.
Love conquers All.”

Copyright © 2013 by Humaira~Amy Adams
What Have We Done?
I Smiled and he spat in my face.
I stood in my Power and he loaded his gun.
I shined my Light and he called it darkness.
I Loved and contempt was his response.
His very compliments
became his
and pierce me he did,
over and over
attempting to take
his pain away
by causing mine.
Sweetness and consideration
slowly metamorphosed
into the sneers and
sarcasm that lay beneath them.
And I was stunned.
Trust in my choice
of companionship
became questionable,
to say the least.
Malice showed in his
eyes and hatred
exited his mouth,
the same mouth
I had kissed so fully
only moments
Criticism pervaded
what I thought was Sacred Space.
Indifference showed up out of nowhere.
“You’re so sweet”
“I’ve known women like you.”

Vulnerability was made
to look like sleaziness
and manipulation.
Crazy-making was
in full force
in my life yet again.
I ask you world,
What have we done to our men?
Copyright © 2013 by Humaira~Amy Adams

She’ll Keep on Coming
You say my poems are way too long.
Well I say this mess has gone way too far.
So I will allow these words to speak themselves
until they are finished, until they
have decided it is time to stop.
Let this power draw you in: play with it.
Do not fear it and run.
The Goddess is Alive in
me, and she will
not be enticed
by false gods.
Don’t try to hold me
down ‘cuz . . .those of us with wings . . .
well . . . we like to fly.
You’re rooting for objectification,
degradation and repression
under the guise of God.
You high five and kiss and
tell but shudder if
sex is uttered from
my lips.
I’m all for lip service in
many ways but only
if your lips are
truly serving.
Keeping sex behind closed doors
closes doors on open minds.
So, do you mind?
I said it.
News Flash:
I like it as much as you do.
And my pussy does, too.
She purrs at one who
does not
shame her.
She wraps herself
around one
who provokes
pleasures her,
invites her,
honors her
as equally aroused,
This conversation is not for you
and your dudes
nor is it for
me and my
Tupperware® Party.
This conversation is for
and it needs to be had
if anyone is going
or, for
that matter,
really coming
Am I only worthy if I’m
Your horrified look
at the mention of another
says so.
I can’t force it, and
I won’t.

But I will express gratitude

for the role you’ve
played in turning up
the volume of my voice
in your attempt to mute it.
In our society, we shame, squelch,
attempt to put a lid on and shun healthy
sexual expression. And we promote,
reinforce and perpetuate uglification of the
natural, pure, gorgeous sexual beings that we are.
And there ain’t nothin’ sexy ‘bout that.
I’m a writer, a poet, a dancer
and a lover.
And in this way I serve.
I am not your servant except your humble one
if God speaks through your voice.  
I will not enslave myself to the devil
but toil in fields all the day long I shall
if The Holy One speaks my name.
You say my poems are too long.
How long is it that we’ve been imprisoned,
you and I?
Too long, I say, my Lover, my Friend.
Let these words bathe us,
rattle us, shake us, quake us,
fuck us, kill us
until we’ve died and gone to Heaven,
here on Earth.
My womanhood is purposeful,
femininity our saving Grace.
No longer will I cross my legs
but rather I shall open them wide
to Life
and to you
if you should have a change of heart, of mind.
Enough is Enough,
and I can’t stress this enough.
My Passion is Holy and my Holiness is Passionate.
What God has joined let no man put asunder.
What Goddess has offered let no woman keep under a rug
for fear of being burned at the stake.
Heaven makes Love to Earth and worlds are created.
Do we think this is a mistake?
Earth makes Love to Heaven and glory is manifested.
Do we think this is wrong?
Do we call it a sin?
Every ounce of fluid that pours forth from me since
Life turned me on says
“NO, NO and NO!!!”
And then, in Her release she exclaims,
“YES, YES, YES!!!”
as her gift to the world and to the heavens.
Receive her or not,
she’ll keep on coming.
Copyright © 2013 by Humaira~Amy Adams

Humaira/Amy Adams is a poet/writer/lyricist/dancer/performer/facilitator. She also dabbles in singing and amateur photography. These modes of creativity and healing have supported her journey Home and, in sharing what comes to and through her, she hopes to support others in their own journeys. In addition to the aforementioned roles, Amy enjoys traveling, walking, bike riding and swimming. She is also an advocate for Truth, Honesty, Authenticity and Justice. Her favorite role is that of mothering two amazing teenagers while she lives a little bit of here, there and everywhere, taking her True Home with her wherever she goes.

Amy’s first book, “Book of Love: Poems To Light Your Way Home” is available through Be sure to keep an eye out for her second book, “Book of Life: Poems for the Journey,” to be released in 2017!

Facebook: Traveling Light Poetry, Photography and Dance

Instagram: humaira_amy_adams_poet

Twitter: @amy1111adams



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